Génipa Mangrove Discovery Tour in Martinique!


Mangrove Guided Tour

Leaving from the sea side of Les Trois-Îlets, embark on a small boat with maximum 12 occupants for an entertaining and educational guided tour of the mangrove of the Génipa bay in Martinique.

Front view of one of Le Mantou boats at the beginning of
A guide in the middle of an explanation, standing up on the roots of a mangrove tree, he is speaking to the visitors that are on the boat.

Passionate Naturalist Guides

They will make you experience an amazing tour filled with humour and passion where you will learn everything about the bay and its mangrove, the geography, its history and the local wilderness.

Immersed inside the Mangrove

After a small trip through the bay, near the shore of the small town of Ducos, gradually the water changes of color, the sea waves and the wind disappear, it’s time for the boat to use an electrical motor, you are now immersed in the heart of the mangrove, silently going upstream of the Rivière-Salée canal.

In the peculiar scenary, the guide will teach you how to distinguish the multiple species of mangrove trees, how they colonise and cope with these salty, oxygen deprieved waters, each of them having adapted in some special way! But he won’t stop at the trees, he will also speak in details about all the living creature of the mangrove, the multiple species of crabs, insects and birds, keep you eyes open, they are every where!

Fun fact: This mangrove is the biggest of Martinique, it represents 2/3 of the totale 4400 acres of mangrove on the isle, it is also 6% of the total forest.

Aerial shot of one of Le Mantou's boats in the middle of a tour, in the Cocotte river, surrounded by the mangrove.
One of Le Mantou's boats in the middle of a tour, across the Cocottte, surrounded by the mangrove.
A guide bringing a cooler toward the center of the Petit Ilet island. The island luxurious and the sky is blue. A big volcanic rock is forming the transition between the land and the sea.
An other viewpoint of the island. The landscape is green where we can see some high coconut tree, other tropical fruit trees and a blue sky.

Botany tour et local 'Apéro' on the Petit Îlet

On the way back and to conclude this tour on a lighter note, your guide will stop the boat at the Petit Îlet, a small unoccupied isle, It’s time for a well earned refreshment: local fruits juices and two delicious specially crafted rum cocktails!

But before seating down, the guide will give you a small tour of the isle, you will discover some additional local tree species and will learn about their daily and historical use in meals or as medicinal herbs in Martinique. The guide will also show you some traces of the early native inhabitant the isle, the Caribbeans.

Tour Information

We are offering a mangrove discovery tour every day by boat in shared small groups of 12 at maximum.

Tour Hours 9:30am to 12pm or 2:30pm to 5pm
Tour Duration 2:30
Age Requirement people of any age are accepted, even babies.
Max number of passengers 12
What to bring? a bottle of water, a hat, sunglasses and a camera
Spoken Langages French, English
Prices 35€ per adult, 20€ per child (between 3 and 12 years old).
Accepted Payment Means cash, credit card, check and wire transfer
Reception Desk and Departure Address Bourg des Trois-Îlets 🗺
Parking free parking near the reception desk
Taxi transfer from you hotel or appartment possible with our van of 9 seats.
Inside of the boat in the middle of a tour with two people in wheelchairs at the front and two folded wheelchairs at the back.
Special Needs Our boat can carry a wheel chair but be sure to signal any health problem or special accomodation needed at booking time.
Visitors from Cruise Ship If you stop in Martinique during your cruise in the caribbean, you can take the taxi boat of the Vedette Tropicale compagny from Fort-de-France to directly arrive at the start of the Mangrove Tour (the trip between Fort-de-France the center of Les Trois-Ilets takes around 25min and the round-trip costs 7€).
Restrictions because of the Weather Even though it's very rare, the weather can force us to cancel an upcoming tour, in that case you will be informed by email or by phone. We will offer you new dates for you take the tour, if none of them are suitable, the totality of the what you've already paid will be reimbursed.
Cancellation Conditions Note that we will always try to find solutions to accomodate you. However, if a cancellation comes from your side, it will be free up to 24h before the tour, after that, the full price will be due.


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