After a small trip through the bay, near the shore of the small town of Ducos, gradually the water changes of color, the sea waves and the wind disappear, it’s time for the boat to use an electrical motor, you are now immersed in the heart of the mangrove, silently going upstream of the Rivière-Salée canal.

In the peculiar scenary, the guide will teach you how to distinguish the multiple species of mangrove trees, how they colonise and cope with these salty, oxygen deprieved waters, each of them having adapted in some special way! But he won’t stop at the trees, he will also speak in details about all the living creature of the mangrove, the multiple species of crabs, insects and birds, keep you eyes open, they are every where!

Fun fact: This mangrove is the biggest of Martinique, it represents 2/3 of the totale 4400 acres of mangrove on the isle, it is also 6% of the total forest.